I have cisco, zte, huawei routers..How can i get the traffic information of every interfaces of these routers. I donot have mib file of zte and huawei. So, i want a generic mib file which can monitor every interfaces of these routers


As Nick R already mentioned, you need IF-MIB... details matter though.

You can correlate all OIDs to an interface name below by snmp walking ifName:

High Speed interfaces

For high-speed interfaces (100Mbps or above) you should use 64-bit counters if the device supports them:

  • ifHCInOctets: (64-bit Octets in counter)
  • ifHCOutOctets: (64-bit Octets out counter)
  • ifHCInUcastPkts: (64-bit Packets in counter)
  • ifHCOutUcastPkts: (64-bit Packets out counter)
  • ifHighSpeed: (An estimate of the interface's current bandwidth in units of 1Mbps)

Low Speed interfaces

Lower speed interfaces can get by with 32-bit counters. If you use 32-bit counters on high-speed interfaces, they can wrap quickly; a 10 Mbps stream of back-to-back, full-size packets causes ifInOctets to wrap in just over 57 minutes. At 100 Mbps, the minimum wrap time is 5.7 minutes, and at 1 Gbps, the minimum is 34 seconds Note 1

  • ifInOctets: (32-bit Octets in counter)
  • ifOutOctets: (32-bit Octets out counter)
  • ifInUcastPkts: (32-bit Packets in counter)
  • ifOutUcastPkts: (32-bit Packets out counter)
  • ifSpeed: (Currently negotiated speed of the interface - Max: 4.294 Gbps)

Note 1: Quoted from Cisco's SNMP FAQ

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  • The link refers to the original IF-MIB, without the ifXTable extensions. The full description can be found at rfc2863. Cisco has a plain text version of the extended IF-MIB. – Henk Langeveld Aug 5 '12 at 21:30

IF-MIB should be what you are looking for. The OID you want is ifInOctets and ifOutOctets.

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Cacti is the most strait forward way to go.

Download an install it, it will work with a lot of routers and switches straight out of the box. Also, Observium is even easier to get going but less customisable than Cacti; although it does also work with most switches and routers strait out of the box.

Update: Forgot to say these include the MIBs!

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  • +1 for observium, it's great if you're a service provider – Mike Pennington Jun 28 '12 at 21:03

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