Is it possible to generate random double numbers in JMeter?

I tried to use the Random in the config element where i have defined the

Minimum value: 47.9999  (RND1)
Maximum value: 30.9999  (RND2)

Then in the selected Prepared Selected Statement i placed this values:

Parameter values: ${RND1},${RND1},${RND2}

But it seems not work, because i receive an error:

Response message: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot convert class java.lang.String to SQL type requested due to java.lang.NumberFormatException - For input string: "${RND1}"

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Looks like ${RND1} is not expanded to it's value in your JDBC Request because it wasn't initialized Random Variable config item - because the last one is to generate only integer values (as well as jmeter's __Random function).

To generate random double values in defined range you can use schema like below:

1. Define MIN and MAX range values as variables in User Defined Variables

RND1    37.9999
RND2    41.9999
2. Generate random double value in range RND1..RND2 using e.g. Beanshell Sampler:

  • Parameters: ${RND1},${RND2}
  • Script (java code):
import java.util.*;

String [] params = Parameters.split(",");

double rangeMin = Double.valueOf(params[0]);
double rangeMax = Double.valueOf(params[1]);
Random r = new Random();
double randomValue = rangeMin + (rangeMax - rangeMin) * r.nextDouble();



Adding Debug Sampler, with Jmeter variables = true let you see generated values for debugging purposes.

3. Refer generated random value as ${RND} for further use (in JDBC Request in your case)

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