I can get the internal hostname of an instance with the hostname command. How do I get the external host name from within the instance?

Specifically I'm on EY and using the ey ssh command, I want to know what the host name is so I can pass this to scp.


From within the instance, you can hit the Instance Metadata Service:



curl http://instance-data.ec2.internal/latest/meta-data/public-hostname

A wide variety of data is available via this interface.


/opt/aws/bin/ec2-metadata -p will print the public hostname of that instance.


It is very simple by ec2 instance metadata query tool.

run command:

./ec2-metadata --public-ipv4


./ec2-metadata --public-hostname

for more information, just pass --help to ec2-metadata


I don't know what system you use but I assume a Linux. You can either connect directly to your IP address or try a reverse lookup of this ip with for example

host -a <ip_address>

You can find out your IP address if you use the command ifconfig that will print out all information on the network interfaces.


Currently, on EC2 instances you can use:

$ ec2metadata --public-hostname

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