I have a create database script written in perl. I remember it working just fine another machine. A couple years later using a Vista machine I am trying to use it again and it keeps failing.

The main difference is that now I am using Apache instead of IIS. In the script the IUSR account is granted permissions as it needs to write to the database as a part of another program. IIS has been uninstalled on this machine but the IUSR account still exists.

The NT AUTHORITY\IUSR is also seen in the logins drop down in MSSQL(2012). The machine is running Vista Home Edition. However when running the script I get errors that say that NT AUTHORITY\IUSR cannot be found.

I tried also with COMPUTERNAME\IUSR just for the heck of it and of course it was not found. I also tried with IUSR alone and for some reason the user isn't being "found"?

Any ideas?

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Found my answer. Apache runs under the SYSTEM account and I had to change from IUSR to it and it worked fine.

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