I need both www.mysite.com and subdomain.mysite.com to have ssl access

I'm on PLESK/ Media temple Centos5. I have exclusive IP for mysite.com

I purchased two appropriate certificates but only www.mysite.com has ssl access.

When going to https://subdomain.mysite.com I get Error: subdomain.mysite.com uses an invalid security certificate.The certificate is only valid for the following names: www.mysite.com , mysite.com
(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain).

On the mydomain folder in plesk I see both certificates but under 'used' column I see 1 for mydomain and 0 for subdomain.mydomain.com

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!


You can only have an SSL certificate for a single IP address. You will need to give the subdomain a different IP address and a new SSL certificate tuned to that address.

There is also the option of using multiple domains on your certificate, if your CA supports this. Then you'd just create a certificate for all the domains on that IP and use that.

This might confuse some older clients and be viewed as bad style, though.

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    For Plesk to handle everything in a way that it likes, both sites will need their own IP. – Dave Forgac Jul 14 '09 at 23:56

Plesk allows you to set up subdomains within the mysite.com domain page. However, it will not allow you to change the hosting options there. They just inherit from mysite.com.

Instead, you should add a new domain subdomain.mysite.com on it's own. That way you can assign a different IP for the subdomain, and select the other certificate.


You can get a multi-subdomain SSL certificate from gandi.net. This will work for all https://*.mysite.com.

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