I've got a domain hosted under godaddy.com. I set it up so that subdomain.mysite.com points to a different server which uses Windows/IIS (say for example ip When I go to the subdomain I get no errors, but no webpage loads.

In IIS under the default website I added a bindings for subdomain.mysite.com with the ip of, but still nothing loads, just a totally blank page. In the developer window on Chrome on the Network tab there are no HTTP errors.

I know for sure the subdomain host is working correctly because when I ping my subdomain, the correct IP shows.

What am I missing to get this working? Is there something to change in the DNS? Right now in the DNS manager, there are no zones for anything.


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Well I just got the server and it was barebones minimum setup. As such the majority of IIS role services were not installed. Once I installed Static Content (and a plethora of others), it worked!

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