Is there any way to enable keep-alive on IIS 7 in a hosted scenario?

I attempted to use the answer to this SO question Where (or how) is the keep-alive setting in web.config?.

I added the following after the </configSections> closing tag:

            <limits connectionTimeout="00:00:05" />

This is the error I get:

Unrecognized configuration section system.applicationHost.

If I follow this MSDN article: Walkthrough: Creating a Configuration File for Hosted Web Core and add:

  <sectionGroup name="system.applicationHost"
      <section name="sites"
              overrideModeDefault="Deny" />

I get the following error:

It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineOnly' beyond machine.config.


I have used this in Web Config:

    <add key="CommandTimeOut" value="1000" />
      <!-- Number of seconds with no activity before the server times out and closes. 
         Set to -1 to never shut down the server. -->
      <add key="keepalive" value="-1" />
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