We are looking to install OM3 fiber to get a through put of 10 gig throughout our facility. I am looking at a chart and it states that the OM3 (50/125) which I am guessing is multi-mode fiber can produce 10 gig @ 300 meters (SR) and 1 Gig @ 550 meters (SX) what does the SX and SR mean and I am assuming that the OM3 is a multi-mode fiber.


Use OM4 please, seriously I've found it so much more stable at those speeds than OM3 and the price difference isn't so much.


SR refers to 10GBASE-SR, and SX to 1000BASE-SX.

With an OM3 fiber, you can do ~300 meters at 10Gbit/s or ~550 meters at 1Gbit/s.


Here's some information about Fiber Type vs. Speed and Distance: Fiber Type vs. Speed and Distance

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