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Attempted Solutions

I added my account in AD to the groups Administrators, Domain Admins, Domain Users, IIS_Users.

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IIS was missing the icons in red in the management section

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so I ran the IIS Manager as administrator, entered the credentials of a domain account frequently used to install software and added the management service to get those icons.

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I then added myself to the server and to the sites but for my account IIS Manager still looks like the first screenshot.

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What permission setting could I still be missing?

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Try right-click on "Start Page", and then "Connect to server", type in your server's name/IP. I think you have just somehow deleted the connection to the server.


You can try to Open IIS Manager "run as administrator"


User should be member of IIS Group.

During the setting you need to run gpupdate /force to update the changes.


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