I'm preparing a presentation on a security issue and want to include a demonstration. It won't be in real time, I just need to show some pictures of the results.

I have some VPSes that will perform a tcp or udp flood attack simiultanesly on another specific server (Debian/Ubuntu), all of them owned by me of course. Something like a tiny scale DDoS attack.

I want some suggestions for existing tools or new programs to be installed on the target server (Debian/Ubuntu server distro) that can monitor and produce traffic graphs and related charts so I can present the network state before and after the attack.

I don't want to mitigate or stop the attack, but to show the results of it and if possible in a fancy way.

I'd appreciate every idea and suggestion, thanks.


ntop will graph the stats you are looking for


To graph the network bandwidth usage you can use for example Cacti or Munin.

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