I've been working on learning puppet and using it to set up a jenkins box. I'm wiring jenkins through tomcat, since I may also end up running other webapps on there.

EDIT: I've installed (via puppet module install puppetlabs-stdlib) the stdlib provided by puppetlabs to use the file_line type.

This is puppet module manifest for setting up jenkins and tomcat and wiring the two together.

class tomcat_jenkins {
    ensure => installed,
    name   => 'java-1.7.0-openjdk',

    ensure  => installed,
    require => Package['java-1.7'],

    ensure  => installed,
    require => Yumrepo['jenkins'],

    name    => '/usr/share/tomcat6/webapps/jenkins.war',
    require => [Package['tomcat6'], Package['jenkins']],
    ensure  => link,
    target  => '/usr/lib/jenkins/jenkins.war',

  file{ '/srv':
    ensure => directory,
    owner  => 'root',
    group  => 'root',

  file{ '/srv/jenkins':
    ensure  => directory,
    owner   => 'tomcat',
    group   => 'tomcat',
    require => Package['tomcat6'],

    ensure  => present,
    path    => '/etc/tomcat6/tomcat6.conf',
    line    => 'JENKINS_HOME=/srv/jenkins',
    require => [Package['tomcat6'], File['/srv/jenkins']],

    ensure    => running,
    enable    => true,
    require   => [Package['tomcat6'], Package['jenkins'], File_line['jenkins_home']],
    subscribe => [Package['jenkins'], File['jenkins-symlink']],


I see the output from the puppet agent that it is properly applying the catalog, and it pretends like it went ahead and applied the changes, but there's no /jenkins/ in my /etc/tomcat6/tomcat6.conf file. I don't have anything else managing that file.

puppet agent -t -d output:

info: Applying configuration version '1343250206'
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/File_line[jenkins_home]/require: requires Package[tomcat6]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/File_line[jenkins_home]/require: requires File[/srv/jenkins]
debug: /Stage[main]/Epel_repo/Yumrepo[epel]/require: requires File[/etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL-6]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Package[jenkins]/require: requires Yumrepo[jenkins]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Service[tomcat6]/require: requires Package[tomcat6]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Service[tomcat6]/require: requires Package[jenkins]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Service[tomcat6]/require: requires File_line[jenkins_home]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Service[tomcat6]/subscribe: subscribes to Package[jenkins]
debug: /Stage[main]/Tomcat_jenkins/Service[tomcat6]/subscribe: subscribes to File[jenkins-symlink]

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Asking around on #puppet on irc.freenode.net, I found out that I was missing a configuration parameter on the puppet agent. I needed:


in the [main] section. After adding that line, it happily downloaded the plugins, and set up my stuff. Win.

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    You can also use --pluginsync if you're messing on the command line.
    – gak
    Dec 22, 2012 at 8:12

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