I have been using virt manager to manage XEN and it crashes often so i moved to Citrix Xencenter but i can not make it work.

Details: using XEN 4.1 running on ubuntu 12.04

citrix XenCenter Installed on windows XP

No firewall or network issue exist as i can ping XEN running on ubuntu 12.04.

when i try to add server its showing

Unable to Connect to server 'ip-address' connection was refused.Check that XENServer is configured correctly on 'ip-address' and try again

Should i need to enable anything in XEN Configuration file to allow accessing XEN from citrix XENCenter..?


Citrix Xen is a complete operating system on it's own running from a modified CentOS machine. If you are not running Citrix Xen on your server, then you will not be able to connect to it with XenCenter.

You can not use XenCenter with a default Xen, your OS has to be XenServer.

You can get it over here: http://www.citrix.com/lang/English/lp/lp_2304908.asp


For those who are still asking why they can't manage their Xen with XenCenter:

XenCenter is built to manage Citrix XenServer. Asking why your default Xen can not be managed by XenCenter is like asking "Why can't I manage Xen with my vsphere client?". Citrix XenCenter is not an add-on for Xen it is the

management panel for Citrix XenServer

which is a

standalone operating system


This means you can't install or use it with a non-Citrix XenServer version of Xen.

  • in that case Is there any alternative for Virtmanager? i tried Openxen manager but same is the result..Can u help for an alternative that works as like citrix xencenter – Kevin Parker Jul 28 '12 at 7:05
  • There won't be anything out there that will run as good as Citrix XenCenter for your case. All the features depend on XenServer. You should try to find out why virtmanager keeps crashing. – Lucas Kauffman Jul 28 '12 at 7:11
  • so in my case i can not use XenCenter :( – Kevin Parker Jul 28 '12 at 7:15
  • Unless you re-install your system and migrate the current VM's to Citrix Xen, then no. – Lucas Kauffman Jul 28 '12 at 7:17
  • Thanx alot Lucas kauffman... Thank you very much... – Kevin Parker Jul 28 '12 at 7:32

Unfortunately, the accepted answer is mostly incorrect.

Citrix XenCenter connects to Xenserver through the XAPI toolstack. Therefore, any instance of Xen that uses the XAPI toolstack can be managed through Citrix XenCenter.

I've managed Citrix Xenserver, Xen Cloud Platform, and Xen on Ubuntu 12.04 with Citrix XenCenter.

Citrix XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform use the XAPI toolstack by default. When using Xen with Ubuntu 12.04, you will need to switch from the xm (or xl) toolstack to the XAPI toolstack. The following link should give you a pretty good idea of how to do so:


EDIT in response to comment:

The Xen Cloud Platform is a completely open source version of XenServer. It's a CentOS based distribution with some packages that provide functionality similar to what XenServer's capabilities. One of these packages is the XAPI package. This provides the XAPI toolstack which allows you to use XenCenter to manage the server.

What the blog mentions is installing the xcp-xapi package in Ubuntu to provide the XAPI toolstack.

  • Doesn't that blog mentioning about installing Xen Cloud Platform(XCP)?Which uses xen hypervisor with xapi api? – Kevin Parker Oct 24 '12 at 15:52

If i'm not mistaken, XenCenter actually communicates with xapi, not xen. Xapi controls xen. XenServer is basically just CentOS + xen + xapi + some kind of license server. If you look around on xen.org, you can find XCP, which is the open source version of XenServer, i.e. CentOS + xen + xapi. It is entirely controllable with XenCenter, I happen to be doing just that.

I see no real reason why you couldn't control your xen machine with XenCenter, as long as you had xapi in place for XenCenter to talk to, and (maybe) whatever repository scheme is set up in XCP/XenServer. It would probably be a lot of work, but shouldn't be impossible.

I had 2 more links, but apparently, i'm not popular enough to post them. :)

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