When a user books an appointment in Outlook, and adds a room resource, the room auto-attendant accepts the meeting. However, the meeting in the room calendar does not show the body/description portion of the meeting that the user entered.

Other users see the body/description portion fine, but it is not in the room calendar.

The room's copy of the appointment is used by a 3rd party package for other processing, and needs access to the body/description.

Is there a way to have the body/description appear properly in the rooms copy of the appointment?


In the Exchange Management Console, open the properties for this particular room, and check the Resource Information tab. Check to make sure that the "Delete comments" box is not selected.

  • Perfect. Thanks. One of those classic, "where did they hide this" questions. – Charley Rathkopf Aug 9 '12 at 15:28

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