Is there any standard list of oid list for all the snmp enabled devices.I want to retrive some device information over my network of all the snmp enabled devices.

I got some thing like ,oid are in mib's of indivisual devices.How to get all the oid list by which I can able to kno what are the information I can get by snmp.

kindly tell some idea.



What you want is called discovery in the network monitoring world. The high-level approach to this is to usually ping your entire IP network graph using ICMP or TCP pings and on a response, do an SNMP get of a standard RTF OID, like sysname. You SNMP get a standard RTF OID because those are usually implemented by default on most systems.

  1. ICMP Ping entire network elements
  2. On response, do an SNMP Ping
  3. On response, log the IP address as SNMP discovered
  • Thanks for your answer,can you give me an example how to ping the entire network and then how to ping snmp to the response. – pradiptart Aug 21 '12 at 5:03
  • my ip is and my subnet addr is so kindly tell me what to do next. – pradiptart Aug 21 '12 at 7:38

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