I have currently installed minify on on of my websites however I am currently getting hammered with email from CSF/LFD.


   Time:   Fri Aug 10 13:10:03 2012 +0700
   File:   /tmp/minify_builder,index.php_f516d1c7cae9c3881406fd9a0ce69c38
   Reason: Script, file extension
   Owner:  -:- (504:501)
   Action: No action taken

What is the best way to have these ignored inside CSF? Some advice would be highyl appreciated. Thank you very much.


You need to define list of files that lfd directory watching will ignore in /etc/csf/csf.fignore configuration file. Having done it restart LFD daemon to apply changes.

In this particular case the following pattern should do the trick:


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