Can you please help me with my understanding of xen app. Here is my understanding of citrix xenapp - When any virtual application ( such as word ) is started from xen app server, it basically creates a tunnel between the user machine and the xen app server. The xen app server, creates a session for the user and starts streaming the application or hosts the application inside that tunnel / terminal . The user is basically logged in terminally to that session. When the terminal session is establised, it operates through wfc32.exe ? Where does the ICA.exe come into picture in this case. What is WFICA.EXE ? Where is the PNAgent.exe ( on the xenapp server ? )


Citrix Connection Flow

Some statements to help clarify things

  1. Citrix (XenApp) is based on terminal services. The user is logged onto a terminal services session (think RDP). This is displayed in steps [5-7].
  2. The web interface is exactly that, something that is presented in a web browser. You may be aware the application shortcut can also be in other locations. These are populated / managed by the PNAgent.exe
    1. The user's start menu
    2. The user's system tray
  3. The .ica file, is simply a text file with an authentication ticket to allow the user to connect to the target terminal server. ICA is a separate protocol to RDP, and on your client wfica.exe interprets those ICA files and establishes the connection and everything else that's hapenning client side for that application (screen renderings, mouse events, keyboard events, shortcuts, etc...)
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  • Great.. Thanks alot for the information provided. Couple of questions what about wcfrun32.exe and pnagent.exe ? – fr dotnet Aug 16 '12 at 15:15
  • okay got it , pnagent.exe is part of Web interface. What about wcfrun32.exe , I dont see wfICA.exe in my machine. ( I see wcfrun32.exe ), I assume this must be new version then ? – fr dotnet Aug 16 '12 at 17:47

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