i ssh to my remote centos sever as hugemeow, then i run sudo ls, then error happens:

[hugemeow@home ~]$ sudo ls
**audit_log_user_command(): Connection refused**

hugemeow is in /etc/sudoers, with the config as the follows:

hugemeow ALL=(ALL)     ALL

what's wrong with the msg showned above?

  • rpm -qa| grep sudo? – quanta Aug 16 '12 at 10:41

The error you're seeing isn't important; it means that sudo is trying to connect to a local auditd server but that one isn't running. You'll note that the sudo command worked anyway, despite the error. This message should be suppressed in newer versions of sudo (according to Fedora bug 401201, this was fixed back in 2010).

In theory, making sure that auditd is running on your system should make the error go away.

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