when I change the partition table in Linux (busybox) and exit fdisk I'm still able to mount the old partitions, until I perform a reboot

for example

a)  system is setup and has a /dev/sda1  and /dev/sda2 
b)  enter fdisk, delete both partition 1 and 2 
c)  save and exit 
d)  attempt to mount /dev/sda1, this succeeds when I think it should fail

I would assume d) would fail since the partition has been deleted? what am I missing?

  • how about running "sync"?
    – Matt
    Aug 17, 2012 at 16:21

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The OS must be "forced" to re-read the partition table once changes have been done. A reboot does this and hence you see fdisk changes after a reboot.

I've used the following command before to re-read partition table and I didn't have to reboot,

# partprobe
  • partprobe is part of parted package

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