When I query the ISP's DNS server for foo.example.com, it comes back with something like this:

foo.example.com. 159 IN A

(note that the IP address is a local one)

When I do the same over DNSMasq, the response is empty; the A record is missing. It works fine for every other address I've tried.

What is this, a mis-configuration of DNSMasq, a bug, or expected behaviour?


You probably have dnsmasq's rebind protection enabled with this option:

          Reject (and log) addresses from upstream nameservers  which  are
          in  the private IP ranges. This blocks an attack where a browser
          behind a firewall  is  used  to  probe  machines  on  the  local

You can disable this entirely by removing this option, or you can whitelist certain domains using this option:

  • Thanks. Same problem as OP, using public DNS to store internal IPs. Couldn't understand why dig -t ANY would give me a proper A record, but plain dig (e.g. dig -t A) would give me nothing. Also couldn't understand why it only was an issue intermittently: it was only when I was connected to a network using dnsmasq. – Jesse Buchanan Apr 4 '14 at 16:03

I think it could be Bind9 view feature, especially if your DNSMasq is not in the same ip range as your PC

The view statement is a powerful new feature of BIND 9 that lets a name server answer a DNS query differently depending on who is asking (...) more

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