I am attempting to setup ConTagged - The LDAP Address Book but I am having a few issues with some of the attributes. The problem is that some of them are undefined and they do not seem to be in the inetorgperson.schema. How do I set these custom attributes?

For reference, here is the exact error I receive whenever I make a change to a contact.

The LDAP server returned the following errors
Invalid syntax
Undefined attribute type(del anniversary)
Undefined attribute type(del marker)
Object class violation(mod c)
Undefined attribute type(del custom1)
Undefined attribute type(del custom2)
Undefined attribute type(del custom3)
Undefined attribute type(del custom4)

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The readme has instructions for adding these attributes. You need to save ldapab.schema on the server and include it in slapd.conf:

include /etc/ldap/schema/ldapab.schema
  • Thanks for that response, I must have just skimmed over that line and did not see it. Hah oh well, we're all not good readers! :)
    – arukaen
    Aug 28, 2012 at 12:47

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