has anybody had any experience with using this program in a business?


Is there some context to this question? Are you going to start a business using Windows Defender to search for Spyware or something? Windows Defender shipped inbox with Windows Vista, and is available as a separate download for Windows XP. Works fine for spyware and is not an Antivirus program.

It is not a managed solution in case you need reporting at the business level, that's where you'd want to go with a commercial solution from Symantec or McAfee or with the Microsoft ForeFront line of products (which are focused at the Enterprise and do offer all of the centralized monitoring/reporting you would want in an enterprise environment).


I have seen it in use in a university setting. I do not think though it was using any central management of any sort though.

It is just a basic user level piece of software. Nothing to be used or trusted as a primary tool in a large setting though.


it works OK. Most AV software contains this functionality as well. Personally I've been impressed with Forefront as a replacement for defender, but we used defender alone for a while without incident

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