I am trying to setup iRedMail and am way over my head here. I have installed it, and can send emails internally, but not externally. When I send an email from outside, I get the following return email:

The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.7.1    
<test@mailtest.domain.com.au>... Relaying denied (state 13).

Now I have no idea where to start looking! Any ideas? I have really only just installed iRedMail so I am unsure what else I need to do to get it working. I've pointed my MX records to that server, so that shouldnt be the problem.

Also- if i stop postfix (so nothing is listening on port 25) and send a test email, I get the same reply back. Why would I get the same reply back even if postfix is stopped? I have run tcpdump over 25 and can see the packets coming in/out, so its definitely a configuration issue!

I suppose my question is not really "what is my problem", but more "What configuration needs to be completed on postfix and iRedMail?"

  • How you are sending this mails, with roundcube or some external client (Mozilla or Outlook) – B14D3 Aug 29 '12 at 6:57
  • Sending through roundcube works, but sending from anything other than interally (so i am sending from my outlook and google apps for example) returns the error – Lock Aug 29 '12 at 7:36

So it is fixed, and it is quite a noobish mistake!

I should have twigged when i was getting the same error, even if port 25 was not open. Turns out.. I had an iptables rule in their that was forwarding to another server. So the relaying denied message I was getting was not even from the server i thought it was! Removing this rule has fixed the issue.


Then you have misconfigured your client. Problem is with authenticating user for outgoing server (smtp). You must enable it to send emails correctly.

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