I have my Asp.net website deployed in my IIS's Virtual directory. Usually a FTP software like File Zilla is used to upload files to a website's directory from a remote system. File Zilla asks for a Host name, Username, password to connect to the remote server.

Now all I want is my users in LAN should be able to access this directory from their system using FTP software like FileZilla. So how can I provide the Host name, username and password to my website's directory.

I tried to find it on google but no help. Detailed steps please. Its IIS 5.1 version.

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You would enter the local IP address as the hostname and then enter a username and password for an account on the server.

  • Where can I create the username and password. I dont find any option to create in my IIS
    – Shiridish
    Sep 1, 2012 at 9:28

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