I have a Windows 7 box that already has a dynamic address assigned by a router but I would like to add a static address (private/Unique Local - not a link local). I don't see anyway of doing this via the UI unless I turn off dynamic address assignment. Is it possible via the CLI?

EDIT: And how do I make it permanent?


A link-local address will always be assigned automatically, regardless of whether you do or don't configure another IPv6 address. The GUI is misleading there. If you configure a static address and then check the adapter configuration (e.g. with ipconfig /all or netsh int ipv6 show address) you'll see that the adapter now has two IPv6 addresses. And of course you can also assign an IPv6 address via the CLI:

netsh int ipv6 add address "INTERFACE" fd72:292b:219f:3038::1
  • I wasn't interested in a link-local address (link local addresses don't work as easily as global scope address since the interface has to be specified). Running the above CLI command did create a permanent IPv6 address but I could have done the same thing in the GUI by choosing manually assign an address. The important part to me is that the system still gets a router assigned global scope IPv6 address in addition to the static IPv6 address. Sep 15 '12 at 0:45

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