I have a windows machine at home and a server with debian installed. I want to tunnel the UDP traffic from one (any only this) program on my windows machine through my server.

For tcp traffic this was easy using putty as a socks5 proxy and then connecting via ssh to my server - but this does not seem to work for UDP. Then I setup dante as a socks5 proxy but it seems to create a new instance/thread per connection which leads to a huge ram usage for my server, so this was no option either.

So most people recommend openvpn, so my question: Can I use openvpn to just tunnel this one program through my server? Is there a way to maybe create a local socks5 proxy on my windows machine and set it as a proxy in my program and only this proxy then will use openvpn?

Thank you for your ideas


Socks5 will not work for UDP packets. So you can setup an openvpn and just put everything through there. If you want something for just one program, you could try ctunnel.

  • How can I start a new line here? Every time I hit ENTER it saves my post? So I installed it on my server and my windows machine. On the client machine I entered ctunnel -H 199.x.x.x -c -l 802 -f 801 -C aes-256-cfb But what should happen now? There is nothing listening on port 802 on my pc afterwards. – user136036 Sep 15 '12 at 18:34

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