I have installed a smartermail server on my Windows Azure web instance. I was able to send a test email (and receive it in my yahoo inbox), so I assume that everything on the Azure end is already configured.

Assume that I have all the settings at the defaults, what settings should I update in Namecheap so that the emails direct to my domain will be directed to my server?


You need to set up an MX Record on your domain to let the sending server know who is responsible for receiving mail.

  • I have 5 rows with 4 inputs in each: HOST NAME, MAILSERVER HOST NAME, MX PREF and TTL any suggestion what I should fill in these? Thanks. – Slime recipe Sep 17 '12 at 19:43
  • Host name would be the part after the @ in your mail address. It's most likely your domain name.. The Mailserver host name is the name of the server that is processing the mail. You can set up an A- or a CNAME-Record like mail.example.com. The Pref is important if you have multiple mailservers for one domain. If you only have a single server you can set it to whatever you want. I'd suggest 10. The TTL is the time your record will stay in a cache if it is once fetched from the DNS server. 3600 (two hours) is a good value. – Christopher Perrin Sep 17 '12 at 21:31

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