Using duplicity to backup a folder on a certain event, how can I get a list of all available backup dates as I don't know in advance when the event occurred? I want to list the available dates as deja-dup does. Final goal is to restore a certain date from the list.

duplicity file:///backup-folder restore-folder --restore-time "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Even better... You can get a list of commands and options at duplicity(1) man page.
    – user145545
    Dec 21, 2018 at 20:46

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The following command is probably what you're looking for:

duplicity collection-status file:///backup-folder


Found primary backup chain with matching signature chain:
Chain start time: Mon Mar  4 10:37:27 2013
Chain end time: Fri Mar 15 15:42:22 2013
Number of contained backup sets: 3
Total number of contained volumes: 10
 Type of backup set:                            Time:      Num volumes:
                Full         Mon Mar  4 10:37:27 2013                 8
         Incremental         Fri Mar  8 15:53:07 2013                 1
         Incremental         Fri Mar 15 15:42:22 2013                 1
No orphaned or incomplete backup sets found.
  • Does it take a long time to execute the command? I am running it now since 5 minutes without any output Feb 21, 2018 at 11:57
  • Mine took just some seconds
    – deFreitas
    Jun 1, 2018 at 23:44

I know this is old, but I believe you can do (using S3 as an example):

duplicity list-current-files s3+http://bucket/folder

Hope this helps somewhat...or hope that you already found your answer!

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