As the title suggests are there any software and/ or hardware clients available now that support Microsoft RDP version 8.0 with RemoteFX? The only one I've read about is MS RDP client in Windows 8.

UPDATE: I contacted Dell Wyse and at the moment the only support for RDP 8 and enhanced RemoteFX is in Windows 8 and Server 2012. Apparently, MS have not decided when to release an updated RDP client for Windows 7 and that delays third-party support for RDP 8.


Not sure if they support RDP 8.0, yet, but your best bet might be iTap Mobile as they currently support RemoteFX on iPad/iPhone as well as Mac and Linux.


HP released a RDP 8 add-on for their WES7 based thin clients.

HP WES7 Add-On (Microsoft RDP 8)


  • HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
  • HP t5570e Thin Client
  • HP t5740e Thin Client
  • HP t610 Flexible Thin Client
  • HP t610 PLUS Flexible Thin Client


  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7E 32-Bit
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7P 32-Bit

PREREQUISITES: - For Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7E, image version 6.1.7601.252 (or later) is required.


MS has released an update for RDP8 and remoteFX8. See KB2592687 for installation instructions.

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