I have a single DHCP scope for building systems in one site, and another site which doesn't (at least yet) have infrastructure for building systems using cobbler. Eventually I'd like to scale this all out, but for now I want to use the cobbler buildiso command to make CD media that contains a list of all systems/profiles.

I've set the ip-address, network, gateway fields for the system profile, in addition to all the other fields I use for PXE->DHCP setups.

It seems like I'm 80% there as the media is created, but the syslinux.cfg file doesn't seem to correctly populate ksdevice, ip, network, gateway.

My question is what is the correct way to get this configuration to work?


The correct way is to set the relevant variables at the profile level, rather than at the system level. Specifically you'll need to set kernel_options. there you'll be able to set the network settings to be used during system build.

For example:

[root@rhnsat ~]# cobbler profile dumpvars --name=Default | grep "kernel_options :"
kernel_options : ksdevice=bootif lang=  kssendmac text 
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