My requirements:

  1. Weighted RR load balancing
  2. NO need sticky session support
  3. NO need SSL
  4. NO need HTTP 1.1 to backend

So effectively I just need very simple HTTP load balacing!!

My Boss asked to try HA Proxy, but I am wondering if HA Proxy is over-kill for me, I am wondering what are the benefit of using HA Proxy, when compared to the existing nginx' HttpUpstreamModule

e.g. (existing nginx config)

upstream backend  {
  server backend1.example.com weight=5;
  server backend2.example.com:8080;
  server unix:/tmp/backend3;

Since I don't use HAProxy in the past so I want to listen to your opinion.


You should probably add healthcheck's to your list. I found that the limitations on health checks and lack of visibility into current status made HAProxy a much better fit for me.

Honestly, its VERY lightweight, powerful, and easy to setup. Just make the jump. :)

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