I have Windows Search 4 running on an installation of Server 2008 x64, indexing two specific directories.

Is it possible to have a web interface to query this catalog?

On an older server (Server 2003) we are using the Indexing Service and the following sample to query that index:


This is working perfectly, and we just want to take advantage of the Search 4.0 features/performance in the same web format.

I have looked at Search Server Express and it's not quite what we're looking for. I have also seen a couple references to use the Microsoft.Search.Interop but I don't know how to put it all together in an aspx page.


A MSFT answered a very similar question here. Was the OP you, or does the answer provided helps you?

  • That was me, but I don't know how to put it together. I'm sure the answer is in the right direction, but for someone with limited programming/development skills, I still need more of a "push". Even a good tutorial on aspx pages would probably help. – Jeff Miles May 5 '09 at 13:32

Your question is really more about general programming then. Have a look at http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/ - there are some really excellent tutoruals on ASP.NET.

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