I have a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with one Intel physical interface supporting VLANs. There are basically four tagged VLANs: three local ones ( [tag: 20], [tag: 30], [tag: 40]) and a public one (e.g. [tag: 1]) provided by ISP. ISP VLAN lets me use four different public IP-addresses for which different content-filtering rules are applied by the ISP, let these be,, and

Is there a way to configure Windows Server 2008 (RRAS role) so that the network would be NATted to, to and so on?

P.S. I think the problem is the same if stated as follows: there are four network interfaces (three private networks and a public one), is there a way to set up NAT in a way that different networks would have access to the global net through different IP-addresses on the public interface?

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I've managed to solve the problem by means of netsh routing ip nat commands including add interface, add addressrange, add addressmapping while enabling automatic DNS forwarding. Using command line turned out to be more straightforward than Server Role GUI.

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