I have installed an HP DeskJet 4620 driver on a win 7 machine. All works perfectly for several days, and than printing is not longer possible. Instead I get the message: "Unable to communicate with printer".

This happened on every Win 7 PC I tried, and none of the HP/MS sites contain any relevant info...

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It appears that HP installation puts a unique "port" called "HP Network re-discovery". It stops working after some time (possibly after the first time the printer/pc enter sleep mode).

BUT, the standard MS TCP port works just fine.


  1. Go to "Printers"
  2. Right click Printer
  3. Click "Printer properties" and then "Printer" or "Fax" (for both - do all this twice)
  4. Click "Add Port..."
  5. Select "Standard TCP Port"
  6. Fill in details
  7. Move printer to use the new port by un-checking the old one and checking the new one

Happy printing

  • Thanks Omri !! Your solution helped me print my documents just on time before a meeting. The HP windows application could see the printer, but windows could not (and thus i couldn't print). I choose Standard TCP Port as you suggested (iso the HP), restarted the computer, and it worked! Toda!
    – user257420
    Dec 6 '14 at 12:13

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