Can Lotus Domino be setup as a reverse proxy server? I have 1 Domino server (web facing) which I would like to configure as a reverse proxy server for an IIS application running on another server?

Is this possible, or do we need to use an apache (or another) web server to do this?

I have checked the IBM docco - they speak about it for iNotes however I do not think it's the same thing.


If you wish to do that via iNotes/DWA then this can be done as mentioned here: How to Configure a Reverse Proxy server for iNotes and Sametime Proxy Integration And here is a howto from 2008 but the basics should be the same: Setup Reverse Proxy with Apache for Lotus Notes Webmail Please read also this one: Configuring iNotes Web Access with a WebSphere Edge reverse proxy server

However from home IBM Lotus Domino couldn´t act as a Reverse Proxy.

  • Thanks - I am looking to do this between servers and not webmail, so I have my answer. Will look at using another web server for the reverse proxy. Ta – atom Oct 8 '12 at 10:20

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