I have been having a weird problem with Zimbra(7.1.4_GA_2555.DEBIAN5) lately:

On the (web)control panel the status keep changing to red every few days. When this is happens the output of zmcontrol status still shows running:

antispam                Running
antivirus               Running
imapproxy               Running
ldap                    Running
logger                  Running
mailbox                 Running
memcached               Running
mta                     Running
snmp                    Running
spell                   Running
stats                   Running
zmconfigd               Running

Every thing runs fine except automated mail forwarding from one account to another(which is critical for us).

I have been through Zimbra forums and the following ALWAYS fixes the issue:

su - zimbra -c "zmprov mcf zimbraLogHostname mail.mydomain.com"
/etc/init.d/rsyslog restart
su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol restart"

After I run the above commands, the status on control panel turns green and mail forwarding starts to work again BUT only for a few days.

Other than the above, everything works fine including Server statistics.

Anyone seen this issue before?


I was able to fix this issue after going through the following link:


since my system is using rsyslog instead of standard syslog it will never reload the syslog-deamon and therefore you have problems with the logfiles. This is even more problematic as zimbra begins with z and therefore it is the last script which gets executed from logrotate, if it would not be the last one, there would have been a chance that a later script reloads the syslog daemon :-) I changed this line to:

killall -HUP rsyslogd 2> /dev/null || true

(notice the r in front of rsyslogd)

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