I want to monitor that our Tomcat application servers is up and running. The application is not hosted in-house, but at a managed hosting provider. I do not have direct access to the application servers, but I can access them through a login-server.

What is the simplest way to send an HTTP request to see if the Tomcat application servers is up?

I already have a monitor system in-house (sensu), but this system does not have direct access to the Tomcat servers either. It can only be accessed through the login-server.

                      +------+ Apache Server +------+
                      |      +---------------+      |
                      |                             |
                      |                             |
                  +---v-----------+     +-----------v---+
                  | Tomcat Server |     | Tomcat Server |
                  |    RFC1918    |     |    RFC1918    |
                  +---------------+     +---------------+

One way to do this would be to add a couple of proxy/rewrite-rules in Apache, that would give you one URL for each Tomcat.

Then you can use an ordinary http-probe on those URLs. The probes may give a false positive for the application servers if Apache is down, but that may be acceptable. This again can be remedied by setting up dependencies - Icinga at least, supports Service dependencies.

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