How do I find the Client Machine ID (CMID) of a Windows XP SP3 or a Win7 PC, that it is using to identify itself against a MS Key Management Service (KMS) Host?

The CMID can be found on a Vista client by running slmgr /dli, according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929829/en-us (note there is a typo in the KB article, it specifies a dash not a slash for the dli switch). However, slmgr will not run on WinXP and on Win7 it does not return the CMID, from what I can see. I don't have a Vista client on which to test.

As slmgr -rearm is not going to work on WinXP, is there another way to reset the CMID on WinXP, should I need to?


Based on this article, it appears that the KMS server is only used in Vista, Server 2008, and later, so not Windows XP.

This article has information about KMS on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.


Windows XP does not make use of KMS.

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