On a large drupal site, the database server is on a separate server connected directly to the web server. The web server uses apache and memcached. The problem is that whenever the post is a large, say larger than 10KB, the server does not return correctly. I checked both apache and mysql logs but could not find any trace of errors being logged. The error happens also when I use nginx/php5-fpm instead of apache.

Despite this, the large posts are registered, however incorrectly so that they show up for admin when I open a new page on the site. I'm really confused and appreciate your hints to pinpoint the possible sources if this chronic problem.

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Sounds like a memory and/or resources problem.

No guarantee it will help, but I think it's worth experimenting / checking:

  • Increase the php memory limits by editing the following lines in the php.ini file as:

    • max_execution_time = 30 --> 60 ;
    • memory_limit = 32 --> 128, or even 256M ;
  • Add the following lines to the end of .htaccess file:

    • php_value auto_append_file none
    • php_value memory_limit 128M

PS: is this Drupal version 7 (or still 6)?

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