We have two sites with Exchange 2003 servers. We have two new Exchange 2010 servers in the organisation (one on each site). Let's call them LT-old (2003) LT-new (2010) MK-old (2003) and MK-new (2010)

Mail is routing between them fine, and the mailbox moves we have done on test users (from old to new) work well.

However. When we try to move existing users on LT-old to LT-new, and watch the move take place the MoveServerName is MK-new... which means that the traffic to move the mailbox seems to be headed across the WAN to from LT-old via MK-new to get back across the WAN to LT-new.

We (think we) have set up the routing connectors correctly between the servers, and have disabled the Link State Updates as recommended in the 2003 servers.

We have two routing groups, one from MK-old to MK-new (and vice versa) and another from LT-old to LT-new (and vice versa).

The move works - but is unusably slow; when the LT-old and LT-new servers are sat next to each other it's proving frustating.

What information are we missing in terms of why is the wrong MoveServerName selected? Is there any way of forcing the two servers to talk directly? As I said - test user mailboxes work correctly... so we don't understand why it's deciding to move existing users differently.



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