I have a server with mirrored boot volume. It is software raid 1 in Windows Server 2008 R2. I do not have physical access to the server.

I am looking for a way to check which disk is a boot drive. I need a way to check it from os.

How can I do that ?


I know how to do that, but I dont think its proper way.

From diskpart I can break mirror:

select volume 0

break disk=0

And Windows will only allow me to do that on not current boot disk. I want to check which one is boot without breaking mirroring.

  • Ahhhh....If the disks are mirrored, can't you reboot from either disk? – mdpc Oct 25 '12 at 21:16
  • @ mdpc : I can. What are You trying to say ? I do not have access to bios. – rumburak Oct 25 '12 at 21:46

bcdedit /list should show you the current boot volume's label and GUID. I can't test this at the moment, as I'm on a train, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.

  • @ MDMarra : bcdedit /enum , is that what You are talking about ? I know which volume, but this volume is mirrored on two physical devices. I need to know which disk is a boot drive. – rumburak Oct 25 '12 at 20:29

From diskpart :

select disk 0

detail disk

You can find info:

Boot Disk : Yes

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