It would be something similar to top, where you see your cpu processes in real time. I'm not looking for a GUI like Wireshark to do it.

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iftop is cool and lightweight.


ntop is even cooler but web-based and uses a daemon.


IPTraf is another common real-time bandwidth monitor on Linux IPTraf-ng is a updated fork of IPTraf with ipv6 support

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    Unfortunately, last I checked, iptraf doesn't support display of IPv6 connections. Nov 4, 2012 at 21:22

nethogs, in case you need traffic analys per application - darkstat also works (web frontend)


Those give all detailed info in a ui-style. If you are looking for a much simplier one use:

vnstat -l

You'll get something like (realtime updates):

[user@host ~]$ vnstat -l

Monitoring em1...    (press CTRL-C to stop)

   rx:        4 kbit/s     5 p/s          tx:        4 kbit/s     3 p/s

The same command can be used to get daily/monthly/etc traffic reports.


Two small utilities that do this are tcptrack and jnettop



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