I have successfully setup a pptp vpn server on a Mikrotik routerboard. I am able to connect to the VPN and can successfully access a certain IP range.

This is my setup:

ADSL modem/router - mikrotik router -> private community network (CTWUG)

IP range at home is a subset of the larger CTWUG network range : The CTWUG network rage :

  • In my home setup the mikrotik router acts as the gateway and router. IP:
  • The ADSL router acts as the DHCP server. IP :
  • There is a route on the mikrotik for access to the CTWUG range: ->
  • And a route for internet access -> (ADSL modem)
  • For the VPN the local ip issued is and remote ip issued is
  • On my ADSL modem I have setup port forwarding on port 1723 TCP to (mikrotik)

The problem and question is: I am able to access the complete CTWUG range except my home range I have torched the pptp(VPN) interface and I can see the packets for my local range being forwarded to the device on my local range. There is just no packets returning over the VPN. Any help please.

  • The default gateway on the destination network needs to know to forward the return packets to the VPN endpoint. – David Schwartz Nov 5 '12 at 15:10

Problem solved. Had to change the ARP on my local ethernet to arp-proxy and change the local vpn proxy to that of my mikrotik router.

  • Can you explain the last part, I'm trying to get this working too, what does "local vpn proxy" mean? – Grizly Feb 26 '13 at 6:23
  • Nevermind, contacted my reseller and they explained that you only need proxy-arp if your vpn clients are sharing the same subnet.. I've been a fool! – Grizly Feb 26 '13 at 22:05

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