I'm getting the following error when trying to connect to SMTP + SSL through PHP using nginx + PHP 5,

Could not connect to smtp host 'ssl://smtp.gmail.com' (5) (Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?)

In phpinfo I see:

OpenSSL support     disabled (install ext/openssl) 

This leads me to believe I've installed OpenSSL incorrectly.

I've read a bunch of places where I should uncomment the following line:

extension = php_openssl.dll

This line does not exist so I added it to the end of my php.ini to no avail. The php_openssl.dll file does not exist anywhere on my server.


The line you are mentioning indeed does activate the openssl PHP-Extension on Windows Machines - though i doubt you are running nginx on Windows.

extension=openssl.so loads the openssl extension on my Box, you need to have PHP compiled with openssl Support:


or/and advise the Package Management of your Distro to build the Extension at all/correctly.


The php_openssl.dll file does not exist anywhere on my server

Then you need to install it (it also requires a compatible openSSL installation). Peering into my crystal ball I see that you are running on MSWindows - did you use a packaged installation for PHP? If so which one?

The binary distribution from php.net includes the php stub dll - if it's not on your machine you may need to reinstall php. Then install openssl and enable loading of the extension.

Alternatively you could just route the SMTP traffic via stud/stunnel

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