Im migrating my Qmail/Vpopmail Install to MySQL/Postfix and want to test Postfix on different Ports than the current qmail Installation and bit by bit merge the config and Database - is there any way to Install both MTAs on the same Gentoo System or do i really have to take the long way using Virtualization/Chroot and the like?

When trying to emerge the Packages of course block each other.

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Postfix doesn't care; it can be run on any ports you want just by editing its master.cf file. Gentoo's blocking the package is entirely artificial and unnecessary. (And why on earth are you using Gentoo for this?!?!?)

  • +1 for the questioning of using Gentoo in this particular case. Nov 6, 2012 at 13:47
  • Sure, its possible to compile and install the package manually, i was looking for an efficient way to migrate the MTAs - as said: merge postfix, setup config, unmerge vpopmail/qmail. While i agree on your criticism that Gentoo's blocking is unnecessary to a certain degree, i guess you dont want to start debating the use of Gentoo in a Server environment!? My Dedicated Server has ever been running Gentoo since 2004 and i really prefer its package management to most other Distros (except *BSD) - never troubled me except in this particular, somewhat exotic case.
    – mojo
    Nov 6, 2012 at 15:06

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