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Can you help me with my software licensing issue?

As per Microsoft's website, when you purchase Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, you're entitled to 4 virtual machines to run on that host. I know that if you purchase the product as a FPP or as OEM, you are provided with a seperate virtual key, but what happens if the product was purchased as another type (e.g. volume licensing)? Can you use the same key as the host when activating the VMs?

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Licening is separate from keys used quite often. You will find that VL licensing People either use MAK (Multi Activation Keys) or have a local KMS. When MS makes areview, all you do is Count licenses licensed vs. licesnes used, the acutal keys are not that relevan in this case.

I run under SPLA, and all my Windows Auto activates using a KMS.

As a volume licensing customer you normally get ONE key for ALL your uses (ok, 2+ - a MAK and a KMS, but you can ask for more MAK keys) and then use them "as you see fit" within the legal Setup.

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