I have a linux box (Ubuntu 10.04 server) that exports a couple of shares via SAMBA. This is a very simple setup: plain workgroup sharing, no domain involved. I can access this share from other linux boxes, from a Windows XP machine, and from a couple of Windows 7 machines (and from various Android devices) and it works like a charm. Now I installed Windows Server 2008 r2 on a partition of the Windows XP machine and when I boot into WS2008r2 I cannot access the shares. The server is not listed in the network resources and typing \\server-name\share or \\server-ip\share just returns a 0x80004005 error code. I've seen people complaining about KB2536276 and I uninstalled it, but to no avail... Ideas?


Oh well, I just re-installed WS2008r2 and now I can access the share...

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