I'm running AWStats on a Rails site with nginx and I have pages that are accessed like this


I'd like for AWStats to show those as x hits for page /order/receipt/* instead of 1 hit for [tag x], and 1 for [tag y] and so on. The closest directive I've found is URLWithQueryWithoutFollowingParameters, but since I'm using params as path components, I don't think that applies.

Same issue but with a (probably) more common scenario is combining ID's into one page. So /admin/orders/[order_id] should be reported as x hits for /admin/orders/* instead of /admin/orders/1 and /admin/orders/2, etc.

Is that possible?

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A terrible solution that I'm using is to add all digits to awstat's URLQuerySeparators conf value, like


If you have numbers in the first part of your URL (like /admin2/orders/1) it won't work very well. Also, if you want to then have it look at query string values, I'm not sure how it'll behave.

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