I have a group of users on my server, "Developers", and I would like an environment variable to be set for them whenever they login.

More specifically, when anyone in this group logs in, I would like the equivalent of:

setenv ANDROID_SDK_HOME /Developers/Android/User

to be set at login. I can do this with a login script if necessary, but what I'm asking is: is it possible to set this type of thing in Profile Manager, Workgroup Manager, Directory Utility, etc?


You could use a similar approach as this solution:


Essentially, create a directory & file owned by developers with group read permissions:

chmod 0660 /etc/profile.d/developers



and add a line like this:

source /etc/profile.d/developers 2 &>1 /dev/null

Only developers will have the ability to read the file, while non developers won't see the error that they can't.


You could use "session required pam_env.so ..." in your /etc/pam.d/common-session but you'd need some logic to take care of the group stuff, perhaps from pam_succeed_if.so .

run "man pam_env" for details.

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