I have a service, running with the "Network Service" permissions that installed a certificate into the "personal certificate store" for the "Network Service".

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this question, I need to remove that certificate, but using the MMC's "Certificates" snap-in I failed to find that certificate. I tried opening the certificate store for "Service"->"Local machine"->"Service name", but there's nothing there while the service definitely reports that it sees the certificate.

Any idea how do I access that personal certificate store?


Registry editor.


S-1-5-20 is the Network Service account. "My" represents the Personal store.

Delete the entries from there.

Source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/185059


You don't have to mess with Registry, see: How do you install a certificate in a PFX file in to the personal container of the NT-AUTHORITY\NetworkService? It is talking about installation, but nothing prevents you from deleting a certificate.

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