i have to permament redirect some old urls in nginx. the old urls are old-style php urls including a parameter for loading content. they look like this:


i want to redirect them to other urls like:


any advice on how i can achieve this? my tries failed. thanks in advance!


If you have a direct mapping between old URL parameters and new URL path, you could use such a syntax :

location /index.php {
  try_files $uri /$arg_site =404;

With such a config, any request starting with/index.php will first be tried againt the exact URL, then if there's no matching file or location, nginx will try an internal redirect with /foo if the original URL is /index.php?site=foo. If that fails too, nginx will send a 404 HTTP Not Found response.

The variable $arg_site is set to the value of the URL parameter site.

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  • okay thanks. actually the old and the new urls aren't the same. so e.g. index.php?site=foo AND index.php=site=bar should redirect to /home. – trnc Nov 23 '12 at 20:08

i fixed this issue by using php and not the nginx rewrite functionality:

if (isset($_GET["site"]) {
  switch ($_GET["site"]) {
    case 'foo':
      Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); 
      Header( "Location: /foo" ); 

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